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Hi,I'm Manvi Mittal,16 from New Delhi,India. I've come to find that most people around the world,associate India with measly towns,snake charmers,non-English speaking folk and poor population.This is the perception I have come to revamp-I do not belong to a third world country whose people don't know how to dress well or can't define style.We don't worship the grass.And we don't speak like we're from a different time.We're not all of that.Rather,I think Karl Lagerfeld is the best of Chanel,Alber Elbaz is the best of Israel and Mario Prada is well,just the best.I dream of possessing Christian Louboutins or being on the cover page of Vogue Paris.I worship Dries Van Noten and meet Alexander Wang in my dreams.And yes,I am from India.