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Our Mission

To all you Silk Lovers, Lace Wearers, & Earth-Loving Renegades:

We are the next generation designer label, a company driven by our belief in making products that matter and pieces that last. By focusing on quality over quantity – and designing timeless collections that are meant to be worn year-round – we stand firm in our belief that fashion should be neither fast nor disposable.

We are a young and passionate group of movers, makers and (rump)shakers, and we truly believe that with your help we can change the world for the better. Join us and be the change that has the power to revolutionize an industry. Here goes step one.

xo/Allison Beal

About StyleSaint

Conscious Commerce

We believe that by taking a "creator-to-closet" approach to fashion, prioritizing quality, sustainability, and the humanity behind clothing, we can change the market for the better. If we can do this while eliminating bloated retail costs for customers, then we can create a win/win opportunity that will forever revolutionize the fashion industry.

Silk and Lace Essentials

By designing non-disposable, core-of-your closet, timeless pieces, we are returning to the industry's roots of making products that matter and pieces that last.


By selling these collections directly to customers online, we've escaped a model that requires excessive markups to offer revolutionary, affordable pricing year-round - because you shouldn't have to wait for the things you covet to go on sale, and you shouldn't have to choose between quality and price.


Each piece is designed in-house by our founder Allison Beal

Manufactured locally in sunny Los Angeles

and sold to you without retail markups


“The best startups exploit an unfair advantage over their competition. ... In the case of Los Angeles fashion and media startup StyleSaint, that advantage is founder and CEO Allison Beal.”
Meet Allison

StyleSaint was created by Allison Beal, a 9-year fashion industry veteran who’s been alternately described as a “rocked-out Veronica Lake,” a “dainty hooligan” and a “high priestess of style.” After years spent with traditional fashion companies, Allison envisioned a new type of designer label--one that blended quality, affordability, and conscious commerce by utilizing technology to eliminate standard industry middlemen and markups. Thus StyleSaint was born, and fashion was forever changed. Each piece sketched and sourced by Allison is handcrafted under her creative direction by StyleSaint’s dedicated teams in downtown Los Angeles. When she’s not leading product design and development on the website, fitting models downtown at the production facility, styling photoshoots, or writing editorial for the StyleSaint Magazine, Allison can be found recording in the studio with her musician husband.



We believe that all creation is co-creation, so our vision for StyleSaint always included a place where the fashion-obsessed could congregate and share style imagery and inspiration. Allison calls it our “global moodboard,” as it influences everything we do both for the collection and in life.

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Pando Daily

“Beal is a unique combination of a veteran fashion industry exec, style icon, self-taught technologist, and savvy builder of digital brands. Typically companies looking to approximate this Swiss Army knife worth of skill sets need a team full of co-founders to get all that.”

Fast Company

“But perhaps the most noteworthy element of StyleSaint’s strategy is what it forecasts for the fashion industry as whole: Instead of large collections produced on traditional timetables with six-month lead times, the fashion brands of the future may actually succeed by producing smaller runs of reasonably priced, high-quality collections that define their brands season after season.”

In Style

“StyleSaint looks to its thousands of fashion-forward members for inspiration for its superbly-constructed, direct-to-consumer line. Produced in small runs in LA, a new collection is fabricated every six weeks.”

-- InStyle, Best of Digi

The Zoe Report

“From one of the most addictive fashion sites in the game, StyleSaint, comes a debut collection of adaptable, cool apparel.”

Daily Candy

“The Venice-based online community and just-launched e-commerce platform is on a crusade to develop an appealing alternative to fast fashion by cutting out the middle man.”

Pando Daily

“Given what Beal has accomplished to date, it would be foolish to bet against her. The company has a valuable brand and an enviable manufacturing setup.”


Everything we do is influenced by you, our #SaintBabes, so please don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

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